We produce agricultural products Efficiently, Sustainably, and Profitably in an enjoyable work environment.

Our Core Values


Collaborative teamwork is essential to the success of Monette Farms. We encourage open communication between team members to contribute their knowledge and expertise. Team communication helps us identify potential areas of improvement and develop strategies to address them. We understand that by working together we can achieve greater results than one individual could alone.


By using the latest technology and techniques, we’re able to ensure that our operations are running smoothly and effectively. Monette Farms also use data-driven decision-making to ensure our operations run at maximum efficiency. Our team is highly trained in the latest farming techniques, which means we’re able to provide the highest quality products and services as efficiently as possible.


Monette Farms is committed to personal and professional growth. We provide training and development opportunities to help employees reach their full potential. We understand that by investing in our employees, we invest in a more successful workplace for everyone.

Get Shit Done

At Monette Farms, “getting shit done” means working hard and efficiently to ensure all tasks are completed on time and to the highest standard. It means being proactive in finding solutions to problems, enabling teamwork to achieve results, and being willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right.

Our Core Focus

Passion to efficiently produce proteins.

Billings, Montana<br/> Cattle | Wheat | Canola
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Land Base

We farm a combination of owned and rented land as well as several customised contract farming agreements. With operations across North America, stretching from Arizona (USA) to the northern areas of Saskatchewan & Manitoba.

The key to integrating all this is that all land is farmed as if it is our own! This includes maintaining or improving soil nutrient levels, optimizing weed control strategies, and reducing weed seed levels returned to the seed bank.

We can also leverage our scale of operation to maximize grain marketing returns while minimizing crop input costs.


We utilise cloud-based systems capable of geo-referenced tracking of all aspects of growing our crops. From seeds used, inputs applied, crop harvesting, grain transportation and storage as well as crop marketing.

This information can be provided to customers and business partners and enables complete transparency.



We operate some of the most up-to-date and efficient equipment available in the market today, and if it isn’t available, we have the capacity to build or modify equipment to our exact requirements.

Some of the technology utilised includes variable rate, sectional control, computer-controlled seed packing pressure and optical blockage sensors on our air drills. Our combines are all computer controlled both for the machine setting and forward speed in order to maximize the quantity and quality of crop harvested while minimizing losses and cracked grains.

Just as important is the logistics required to keep everything running. To do this we operate a fleet of our own semi-trucks as well as service trucks stocked with tools and common parts.

Once the crop is harvested it must be stored. Here we have several options including bagging in the field as well as fixed storage facilities at each of our locations.

Introducing Monette Produce

Adding potatoes and vegetables to the crop rotation had always been a goal of Monette Farms and in 2023, that became a reality when Dan and Chelsea Erlandson of Spring Creek Garden aligned their vision for the Saskatchewan Industry with Monette’s. Dan, longtime friends of the Monette brothers, has over twenty years experience growing and marketing vegetables within Western Canada. His strong focus on growing the Saskatchewan irrigatable acres and farming high value sustainable crops has been a passion since the beginning.

Spring Creek Garden and Monette Farms’s core values of team work, efficiency and getting shit done, no matter what, are what brought these two farming families together. Committed to growth and safe farming practices continues to be of utmost importance. We pride ourselves on focusing on the quality of our product, from transplant, to field, to shipping logistics.

With over ten years of being CanadaGAP Certified in Food Safety, Monette Farms will continue to refine production and handling practices, thus providing consumers with a safe and traceable product.


Currently, we have two Monette Farm facilities both North East of Outlook, SK. These facilities allow us to wash, grade, pack, and store our product for up to a full calendar year.



Quality Cold Chain is such an important aspect to successfully growing and shipping fresh potatoes and fresh vegetables which is why in 2023 we expanded our fleet to include three refrigerated semi trailers. Taking control of our shipping allows us even more control in the process so that quality remains a priority.


Located throughout North America in Saskatchewan, B.C. and Arizona, we offer a variety of growing conditions and extended seasons to supply retailers with even more options. Strongly concentrated within the South Saskatchewan Irrigation District near Outlook and Saskatoon, SK, Monette Farms is expanding vegetable acres using this valuable resource.


Products and supply duration

Potatoes – available September through June
Carrots – available through August to February
Cabbage – available through July to June
Broccoli – available through July to October Canadian production; November- March Arizona production
Cauliflower – available through July to October Canadian Production; November-March Arizona
Corn – available August to October
Watermelon – June 15 – Aug 15 Arizona production
Pumpkin – available through September to October


Varying methods of sustainable farming practices are used on our farm. To reduce soil erosion and increase soil health, we have been successful in using strip tilling with a cover crop. This greatly impacts the health of our vulnerable transplants as well by creating a wind break. Water is one of our most valuable resources so we use a variety of irrigation practices to reduce wastage and conserve energy. An integrated pest management system is also in place to safely combat pest problems.

Let’s create more, together!

We’re happy to answer any additional questions about our land, implements, logistics, and storage options.
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